How it works

Good drivers win cash prizes every week! If you are an Elite Driver with Lightfoot, you will be eligible to enter into The Drivers’ Lottery!

Winners every week

There is no limit to how many times you can win The Drivers’ Lottery – as long as you are an Elite Driver, you will be in with a chance of winning.

Good for everyone

The Drivers’ Lottery rewards sustainable drivers, those deserving drivers who care about road safety and air quality.


We all know that driving has its costs; be they financial, environmental, or human, but only a small percentage of us can reduce our impact by buying an electric car or not driving at all.

That doesn’t mean we can’t drive more sustainably, though.

Elite Drivers – Lightfoot’s gold standard for sustainable drivers – reduce their CO2, NOx and particulate emissions by as much as 20%.

Being an Elite Driver is a badge of honour for those who care about minimising the negative impacts of motoring.

The Drivers’ Lottery is our way of recognising and rewarding those sustainable drivers.

  1. Drive with Lightfoot
  2. Pay the monthly subscription
  3. Be an Elite Driver

That’s it! If you are an Elite Driver, you are automatically entered into The Drivers’ Lottery.

We pay all prizes via Paypal.

To become an Elite Driver, you need to achieve a weekly Lightfoot score of 85% or above.

Your Lightfoot score is determined by how smoothly you drive, so Elite Drivers are some of the most sustainable drivers on the planet – in the top 3%, by our count.

Elite Drivers improve their fuel economy and vehicle emissions by as much as 20%, reduce their risk of at-fault collisions by 40%, and cut wear and tear almost in half.

Being an Elite Driver is good for your wallet, the planet, and everyone.

It is estimated that manufacturing a new car creates 17t of CO2e.

The carbon cost of buying a new car is so massive that it will take years to offset it through improvements in efficiency – even if it’s twice as efficient as your old one.

If you buy a new car and drive it for 15 years, you will produce 39.5t of CO2.

Fit your old car (that is half as efficient) with Lightfoot and drive it for 15 years, and you will produce 39t of CO2.

Buying a new car will only have a positive impact after 16 years!


The Drivers’ Lottery was launched in 2019 by Lightfoot, the maker of the world’s first technology to reward better drivers.

A thought had been rattling around Mark (our CEO)’s, head for years.

“You get money off for having a reusable coffee cup, you save money if you use canvas bags, so why are we not rewarding drivers who are trying to be more sustainable?”

(Well, that’s my best guess at what was going on in there.)

So, a few years ago, Lightfoot started rewarding better drivers with prizes, giveaways, and discounts.

We wanted to take it to the next level by giving drivers even more, even better prizes.

And that’s how you and I have ended up here, admiring The Drivers’ Lottery!